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VAMDC aims to be an interoperable e-infrastructure that provides the international research community with access to a broad range of atomic and molecular (A&M) data compiled within a set of A&M databases accessible through the provision of a single portal and of user software. Furthermore VAMDC aims to provide A&M data providers and compilers with a large dissemination platform for their work.

VAMDC infrastructure was established to provide a service to the wider international research community and has been developed in conjunction with consultations and advice from the A&M user community (many of whom were existing users of the databases incorporated into the VAMDC Portal). VAMDC’s initial clientele was largely the astronomy community but has widened to include the Atmospheric science community (initially through inclusion of HITAN in the VAMDC database suite), fusion (through partnering with IAEA) and the plasma physics community (including lighting). VAMDC has been particularly influential in the Radiation Chemistry community with the RADAM programme adopting VAMDC protocols and tools to build its ascent RADAM database of A&M data for inclusion in radiation track and nanodosimetry models for next generation radiotherapy.

  • Our Objectives for Research linked to Producers of A&M data-


    Our objectives for Producers of A&M data are the following:

    • To co-operate with existing databases from across the world in the interoperable exchange of A&M data and discuss access to such through the VAMDC Portal.
    • To coordinate with other A&M e-infrastructures in the development and adoption of standards, tools and software that may be more widely shared with and adopted by the international community.
    • To provide training for new communities who wish to either construct new databases or assemble new datasets for inclusion within existing or new/planned databases.
    • To raise the awareness of the availability of A&M data through VAMDC in those communities where, to date, the culture for collation and dissemination of such data is limited.
  • Our Strategy for Research to Producers of A&M data-


    VAMDC has engaged with A&M data providers since its inception, such data being core to the VAMDC service. A&M data providers may be divided into the following categories:

    • Experienced and mature data providers who produce large amounts of A&M data and regularly input such data into databases.
    • Developing providers who collect large amounts of A&M data but to date don’t know how to ensure such data enters a database.
    • Fledgling providers who publish appropriate data but have little or no engagement with any database.

    VAMDC works with all three categories tailoring its interaction to the maturity of the data provider.


    Our strategy for Producers of A&M data is based :

    • On inclusion of A&M data in existing A&M databases that are partners of VAMDC
    • On providing support to A&M providers so that they create a new database hosted by a partner of VAMDC
    • On providing support to A&M providers so that they create a new node in the VAMDC e-infrastructure


  • Our Objectives for Research linked to User Communities-


    Our objectives for User Communities are the following:

    • To meet the user communities requirements with respect to accessing A&M data
    • To strengthen the links with the already engaged user communities
    • To extend the range of user communities
  • Our Strategy for Research to User Communities-


    Our strategy for User Communties is based :

    • On improving our current services and tools in order to meet the users requirements
    • On porting the VAMDC capabilities and facilities into tools developed by institutes outside the consortium
    • On providing the scientific community innovative tools for easily handling and processing A&M data retrieved from the VAMDC e-infrastructure
    • On providing support so that users can implement our VAMDC plugin in their software
    • On providing general support on the various user software
    • On providing advanced support to developers

    Our support will be provided through tutorials, workshops, a support mailing list, forums for discussion, use of social networks, extensive information on our website, contact names and e-mails.

  • Our Financing and Leadership Strategy for Research-


    • The actions are carried out by the “VAMDC Consortium” members who have some professional interest in the relevant research activities. Each member has the intellectual property of its own developed products (software, database, educational documents) and is responsible for their maintenance and upgrade.
    • The financing of small scale actions is carried out within the scope of research activities of the “VAMDC Consortium” members through supporting their databases/services/documents/workshops.
    • The financing of large scale actions requires stakeholders support at national or international level.
    • The Technical Organisation is handled in different Working Groups and the technical coordination in the “Scientific and Technical Board”. The chairs of the Working Groups are part of this Board. More information is provided here.
  • Open Call-


    We seek collaborations with the following users:

    • Users having visualisation tools or website where the access to VAMDC databases would be welcome
      • Contact:
    • Users having numerical codes where access to VAMDC databases would be welcome
      • Contact:

    We seek collaborations with A&M Producers:

    • To include A&M data in already existing databases
      • Contact (the relevant databases managers)
    • To create new A&M at partner nodes and/or create new VAMDC nodes
      • Contact

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