Find in the following texts a list of questions/answers. If the question you want to ask is not in the list, you can contact us by sending an e-mail at support[at]vamdc.eu or post your question in our forum.

  • Questions about the Forum-


    1. How to use the forum


    • Go to the VAMDC forum website where you can find the list of subjects broached into the forum.
    • If you want to ask a question:
      • You have to register before
      • Choose a forum (example: A&M Data Producers)
      • Create a new topic (subject of your question) if it does’nt exist yet
        Note: A topic corresponds to an input into the forum (example: BASECOL in A&M Data Producers forum). If the subject of your question already exists,you do not need to create a new topic. you have to select the concerned topic and click on “POSTREPLY” to post your question.
      • Ask your question
    • If the question is validated by a moderator of the forum, then it will be published
    • Finally, a VAMDC member will answer to your question

    Do not forget to change your settings to receive an e-mail alert (see question below)


    2. How to receive new posting alert ?


    You have to define by yourself whether you want to receive post notifications.

    Step 1: Subscribe forums or topics you want to follow by clicking on button “Subscribe topic” / “Subscribe forum” on the footer. As it is shown below.


    Step2: Go to “User Control Panel” -> “Board preferences” -> “Edit posting defaults” and select “yes” for the field “Notify me upon replies by default”.



  • Questions about VAMDC Portal-

  • General Questions-